Character Creation

So, you’re looking to create your character for the campaign? Here’s what you need to know. Your characters are from a “normal European Fantasy” D&D world similar to the Forgotten Realms. Your homeland is in the midst of a mighty magical civil war, and you have decided to flee for your own protection. You all have your own motivations why you chose to flee to Shou—perhaps you heard they were accepting refugees, or perhaps you had always intended to travel there one day. Perhaps you’ve never even heard of Shou, and just jumped on a ship that happened to be leaving port.

We will be starting play at Level 1, because we will have several first-time players with us. So create a Level 1 character, starting with 100 GP to buy equipment. Because you are not native to Shou, all the normal Player’s Handbook deities are available for you to choose from. Please, no evil characters. This isn’t that sort of game. Also, there are some Eberron exclusive feats and backgrounds relating to dragonmarked houses which simply would not make sense in this world. These ought to be self-evident, and are off-limits, however, you may choose to play an Eberron race or the Artificer class if you so desire.

I am going to be making a lot of opportunity for role-playing, so whether or not you think your character will be fun to play is a lot more important than whether he’s “optimally built.” I’ll be doing my best to make use of all skills and abilities. That said, it would be easier for you if you had at least one of each party roll. You should be able to discuss this amongst yourselves, once I have the forum open and ready.

There are several classes and races that are considered out-of-bounds:

  • Vampire
  • Hybrid


  • Revenant
  • Thri-Kreen
  • Shade
  • Vryloka
  • Monster Manual Races

For those who are wondering what to play, and don’t possess the required handbooks or a subscription to D&D Insider, I will be glad to create characters for you. Just tell me what kind of character you are hoping to play.

Character Creation

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