The Emperor is the highest authority in Shou. In theory, he has absolute power to do whatever he wants. In practice, the emperor’s whim is tempered by the Imperial Senate, composed of twenty elders, five from each territory of Shou, as well as his strong dedication to the ideals of the Church of the Five Stars.


Thousands of years ago, Shou was not a country, but rather a collection of waring tribes, each lead by a powerful warchief. Conflict was constant and bloody, and people lived in a primitive state, ignoring the gods. The Five Dragons decided that order must be brought to Shou. Jugan, the Rising Star, chose Feng Wu, the just mayor of a small farming village, to be the ruler of the new empire. He changed his name to Feng Xiang, establishing the dynastic line that has been unbroken since. Yosei, the Morning Star, gave Feng Xiang a life of an hundred and fifty years, and Keiga, the Tide Star, gave him the Yuanjiang River upon which to build his capital. Ryusei, the Falling Star, gave his power to Feng’s son, Bai, The Conqueror, who added the lands of Kozakura and Tabot to the fold. Kokusho, the Evening Star, brought destruction upon the warlords who once ruled Shou, and the Empire was established.


The current emperor of Shou is Liang Xiang IV. He is well-loved by most people of Shou, but the climate of political upheaval that began during his father’s reign appears to be worsening. Liang IV has made a point of trying to eliminate corruption in the government and the marketplace. This has made him the target of organized crime lords. Liang IV has already survived one assassination attempt, and has reason to expect more assassins are targeting him. The emperor has very good relations with the dwarves of Tabot, something that has the potential to upset more traditional forces in Shou. Little is known of the emperor’s family, but it is believed that he has an heir already in training.

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