The Government of Shou is one of the most refined and effective in the world. You should read about it.

The Emperor

Shou is ruled by an emperor of the Xiang dynasty. This dynasty was established by the Five Dragons in time immemorial, so the emperors of Shou rule by divine edict.

The Senate

Each of the four regions of Shou sends five elders to the Imperial City for six months out of the year, where they discuss with the emperor the concerns of the realm. The Senate is nominally an advisory board only, but good emperors put great trust in the advice of the Senate.

The Bureaucracy

Like any large empire, Shou has one. It’s remarkably efficient considering its size. This is likely because of the one ruler and one religion of Shou.

The Magistrates

The Royal Magistrates are traveling judges sent out from the Imperial City. Every major city is visited by a Royal Magistrate at least once a year to hear major cases and settle disputes. Each city and town also has its own magistrate, whose responsibility it is to arrange police forces for their jurisdiction.

The Governors

Most cities are run by governors or mayors. Whether they are elected by popular vote, by blessed lot, or by inheritance varies from city to city. The governors are responsible for the militia of a city, but in most cases share this responsibility with the magistrate. In most cities, the police and militia forces are one in the same.

The Army

Shou does not maintain a large standing army, as they are a nation nominally at peace. Nevertheless, each city is required to raise its own militia and to provide military training for them. Each year, a number of cities are called upon to provide soldiers for officially drilling and war games. It is fairly common knowledge that the Emperor also maintains several special units of troops at his own disposal.

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