Foreign Races

There are many races of people who are not citizens of Shou, but none the less visit our great and glorious empire.

The Fey

No Fey has ever been a citizen of Shou, as they are clearly not native to this world, and therefore not children of the Five Dragons. That said, they are free to visit Shou, trade, and do business, provided that they respect the laws of the land. The most well known Fey Gate is located in the Kitsune city of Daigaku, but there are other less well known and less stable Fey crossings throughout Shou.


Elves are well liked by the Shou. Their knowledge of woodcraft and archery is rivaled only by the Lamia of Siem, and Elf Markets are sources of exotic items of all kinds. Some human/elf liaisons even result in half-breed children, who are occasionally welcomed into Shou society. Most elves come to Shou only for a short time, but some remain in Shou permanently. The most famous elf band currently in Shou is probably the mercenary band known as Dondarion’s Vanguard. This group of elves was last seen in the jungles of Siem.


Known as “High Elves,” the Eladrin people venture to Shou much less frequently than the elves, and those who do rarely stray far from the academies of the Kitsune. Their ancient knowledge of magecraft and wizardry has been a point of much interest to the fox people of Kozakura for centuries, and it was for the express purpose of convening with these great scholars that they constructed their Fey Gate. One can find an Eladrin scholar at most Kitsune universities.


The dark elves are not unknown in Shou, and it is said that the Nezumi do trade with them in poisons and dark magics, but many things are said about the creatures of night that prove to not hold truth in the light of day. There are several famous Drow in the annals of Shou, including X’ibeth, who became consort of the Emperor Feng Xiang III, and whose three half-Drow sons slew the undead foe Syrenicus and perished in the process.


Where there are elves, gnomes will still follow. The ever-curious race is often seen in the cities of Shou, where they often make names for themselves with their talent for illusion and hospitality. There is a famous gnome inn called “Under the Stars” in the Imperial City, known as much for its stage performances as for its spiced wine. Most citizens of Shou are wary of making deals with gnomes, however, as their reputation for trickery tends towards underhanded dealing, although most gnomes would say they were just having a little fun.

The Monstrous Races


The Dragonborn race has been practically unknown in Shou. The Church of the Five Stars has, in the past, suppressed rumours of “dragon men” from other lands, as such a thing could lead to heresies or blasphemies if not carefully controlled. With the recent influx of refugees from the east, however, the time of dragonborn in the realm of Shou may be close at hand, and the Church is currently considering whether to declare the Dragonborn race blessed by the gods…or cursed.


The devil-touched race is mistrusted in Shou, particularly in Kozakura. The more sophisticated people of Shou are able to see past the fearsome appearance of the Tieflings, but peasants and superstitious people often believe them to be devils or Oni in human form, and so persecute them. There is rumoured to be a Tiefling town in the northern plains of Shou, but its actual location is known to few, for the protection of those who live there.


These strange people have been seen occasionally in port cities in Shou. Very little is known of them, and they feature in none of the legends or histories of Shou.


These beast-touched people have recently come to Shou as refugees from a great magical civil war to the east. They have found kinship in the Hengeyokai and other beast races of Shou, but as of yet have not made any great inroads into the culture of the Shou.

Any races not listed here or in the list of native races are either completely unknown in Shou, or are considered monsters and not people.

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Foreign Races

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